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Bell Schedule

Regular School Day

0 Hour 7:00–7:50 AM
1st Block 7:55–9:25 AM
Advisory 9:30–10:06 AM
2nd Block 10:11–11:41 AM
3rd Block 11:46–1:46 PM
A Lunch 11:46–12:16 PM
B Lunch 12:16–12:46 PM
C Lunch 12:46–1:16 PM
D Lunch 1:16–1:46 PM
4th Block 1:51–3:21 PM
ASP 3:26–4:26 PM


Second Chance Breakfast is available during the passing period after 1st Block.

Students in A, B and C lunches will be dismissed 4 minutes prior to the end of their lunch to return to class. These students should be back in class when the short bell rings. 

Students in B, C & D lunches will be dismissed by the short bell, do not dismiss students early. 

Schedule may change due to assemblies and other special events.