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Cowley Dual Credit

How to enroll in Cowley College for dual credit

1. Know your GPA. If you meet the GPA requirements below, move to step 2.

Program Type Course Examples GPA Requirement
CTE Courses Welding, Mechatronics, Non-Destructive Testing, Auto-Mechanics, Machine Shop, etc. 2.0
  CNA, CMA 2.5
Core/Academic Courses College Algebra, Comp 1 & 2, Public Speaking, General Psychology, Biology with Lab, etc. 2.75


2. Apply to Cowley College as a high school student (visit with your counselor first)

3. Once you have successfully applied, Cowley College will send you an email with your Cowley ID number.

4. When you receive your Cowley ID number, you must take the Accuplacer placement exam UNLESS your ACT scores meet the following criteria:

ACT CTE Courses Core/Academic Courses
Reading 18 18
English (only required for Comp 1 & 2) N/A 20
Math N/A

21 – College Algebra (only required if you did NOT earn a B in each semester of Algebra 2)

25 – Calculus 1, Trigonometry


Again, if your ACT scores do NOT meet the Cowley College requirements, take your computer and Cowley ID number to your counselor to complete the Accuplacer placement exam(s) required for the courses in your plan:

Accuplacer CTE Courses Core/Academic Courses
Reading 224 255
English (only required for Comp 1 & 2) N/A 255
Math (only required if you did not earn a B in each semester of Algebra 2) N/A

263 – College Algebra (only required if you did NOT earn a B in each semester of Algebra 2)

266 – Calculus 1, Trigonometry


5. Begin working on your 10-Year Plan Your advisory teacher will assist you. You can NOT begin Cowley classes until the plan is up-to-date.

6. Once you are deemed to have met score requirements, your counselor will give you a Fast Track form (which is updated every Fall) to have signed by the principal and your parents/guardians. Enrollment can NOT be sent to Cowley College until the Fast Track form is completed and returned. 

7. As soon as the Cowley College schedule of courses becomes available AND your completed Fast Track form is turned in, you will meet with an ACHS counselor to enroll in classes. You are NOT allowed to independently enroll in Cowley College. ALL high school students must go through an ACHS counselor in order to take a class at Cowley College.

8. Once you receive your Cowley schedule, you will receive a CAPSS agreement. You are NOT enrolled in a Cowley College class unless you have a Cowley schedule.

9. You can NOT begin classes if you fail to return your signed CAPSS form to your counselor. You will be dropped from your Cowley College classes and placed in ACHS classes. Remember, the CAPSS form must be signed off on by the ACHS Counseling Department after confirming your 10-Year Plan is up-to-date. 

10. When you receive your Cowley College schedule, take note of the course location and start date. If you have any questions about the course, email your instructor. You are responsible for logging in and checking Blackboard for assignments.

11. Students may drop a Cowley College class prior to the completion of 25% of the class. A dropped class will not appear on the student's college transcript but it will show as an 'F' on the high school transcript. After 25% of the class has been completed, students may still withdraw from the Cowley College class but it will appear on the college transcript with a grade of 'W' and on the high school transcript as an 'F'. If the dropped class was paid for by USD 470, the student must pay the school district back for the cost of tuition.