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English/Language Arts IV (12th grade) offers a students  a survey of British and world literature to apply their knowledge of writing conventions, continue to develop their vocabulary, and improve their written and oral communication skills. Novels, short stories, plays, and poetry from British and world literature will be discussed and analyzed as students increase their knowledge of literary works. Narrative, literary analysis, and exposition continue to be emphasized.

The website that we will use for our work is at the following link: achsblueenglish.weebly.com

21st Century Journalism introduces students to the ethics and laws of journalists and journalism. It will also teach students the art of interviewing and writing for publication, in addition to covering the basic skills of a news story, features, sports stories and editorials. Students will practice editing and writing headlines, as well as becoming familiar with the software programs used in layout, design, and presentations.

The website that we will use for our work is at the following link: achsbluecte.weebly.com/journalism.html

Arklight: Digital Media Production and Design asks staff members to plan, write and layout the school newspaper in its print and online formats. This requires mature, responsible students who are receptive to direction and can work with the community. Students who enroll in this course must also be able to work under deadline pressure. Students will further develop vocational skills in photography, technical writing, advertising sales and management, as well as graphic design/composition.

The website that we will use for our work is at the following link: achsbluecte.weebly.com/arklight.html

The Junior/Senior ESL course addresses ELL skill improvement for students who work at basic, developing, and proficient skill levels. This course focuses on the structures and vocabulary of the English language through the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. ELLs learn strategies to advance their skills, applying these lessons to their mainstreamed academic content.

Students will enhance their vocabulary development, reading and listening comprehension, and communication skills through various classroom activities. ELLs will actively participate in class discussions, small group tasks, and independent assignments. Students who successfully complete each semester will receive 1/2 credit.

The website that we will use for our work is at the following link: achsblueesl.weebly.com

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